Giorgi bedoidze intern at the georgian embassy in the uk

Her professional expertise lies in the field of governance and ethnic relations. Metreveli started her career in working at the U. Metreveli worked at the National Institute of Justice as a Consultant InDr. Fromhe worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in charge of international economic relations.

He holds a diplomatic rank of the Envoy Extraordinary Plenipotentiary. For the last 14 years Kakha Gogolashvili has been engaged in different projects contributing to Europeanization of the country, in particular assisting Georgian Government in design and implementation of the institutional and legal reforms carried out according to PCA, ENP and other relevant frameworks for EU-Georgia relations.

In the field of conflict resolution Mr. Gogolashvili has been working still works in capacity of project director in 4 multiyear international projects ENP and Conflict Resolution in Georgia ; Black Sea Peacebuilding Network — Other two projectsled by Kakha Gogolashvili, were dedicated to the building of confidence between Georgian and Russian experts and were followed by respective publications of policy papers.

Papava has over 25 years of work experience. Inhe became the Director of the Institute. Inhe was the Minister of Economy of Georgia. InMr. SinceMr. Papava is the winner of the State awards and is the author of over publications. Kakulia has over 25 years of work experience in macroeconomics, banking and finances, trade policy, international and transitional economics.

Kakulia holds a degree in Economics from Tbilisi State University David J. From to he was U. From to he was President of Global Horizons, Inc. Prior to that, he was U.

Chief Negotiator for Defense and Space. Senate, and as a member of U. Air Force. In addition, Dr. She is an invited guest speaker at various international conferences.This year, the international community watched as the Republic of Georgia held its first Pride event.

The Caucasus in green. Supervised by the Chechen state authorities, the police arrested those suspected of being homosexual and subjected them to physical and psychological torture.

After their release, Chechen authorities prohibited the victims from leaving Chechnya and pressured relatives to commit honor killingsto regain the family honor. As a member of the Council of Europe, and with high hopes of joining the European Union in the future, Georgia is expected to comply with certain human rights standards.

However, according to a June poll by the National Democratic Institute, only 23 percent of the Georgian population believes that the protection of the rights of sexual minorities is important. To continue bringing the country closer to EU standards, Georgia changed its Labor Code in to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and in the government passed an anti-discrimination law banning all forms of discrimination, including on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

However, while the Georgian legal system may be more liberal than in much of the Caucasus, critics have pointed out that much of the legislation, in particular the anti-discrimination law, is just for show. Legislation is also not the whole story. A marcher carrying the old Georgian flag participates in the Family Purity Day march in According to Tinatin Gogoladze, Media Monitoring Group Director at the Media Development Foundation, homophobic statements increase in the media annually around May 17th, mirroring a general increase in homophobic attitudes within Georgian society.

Likewise in activists again stayed off the street. On February 19th,organizers announced that the first Tbilisi Pride week would take place from June 18th to the 23rd, and would involve different social, cultural, and political activities. The international community played an active role in the negotiation process with the Georgian government, particularly the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to ensure that Tbilisi Pride could take place. According to Tabagari, three to four foreign embassies in Tbilisi were involved, including representatives from the US Embassy, who assisted in reviewing the security of the planned Pride March route.

In addition to easing the negotiation process, many foreign governments, politicians, and NGOs made statements in support of Tbilisi Pride.

That same day, however, unrelated protests against the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia broke out in Tbilisi, causing all further events, most notably the March of Dignity, to be postponed. That series of events threw an unexpected wrench into plans for Tbilisi Pride. In the end, the Tbilisi Pride march finally took place on July 8th. But in the face of renewed threats from far-right groups, only around 40 activists came out to stand in front of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Activists like Giorgia Tabagari acknowledge that such visibility creates problems and safety issues for many community members, but he argues that in the long-run, it will bring tangible change. In contrast, Alla Parunova, who opposed Tbilisi Pride, says she saw the negative consequences of this visibility firsthand.

According to her, Equality Movement was in constant contact with police throughout May and June due to threats revolving around Pride.

At one point, the NGO received a call that a crowd of demonstrators protesting Tbilisi Pride were heading to their office, causing them to evacuate to ensure the security of staff members. Levan Vasadze is an ultra-conservative businessman who has risen to prominence during the anti-Pride and anti-government rallies. And then it was internationally presented that in Georgia we had Pride, but we did not have Pride — we do not have the freedom of expression [to hold such an event] in Georgia.

This is especially true of the European Union, which Georgia hopes to join in the future. Ina visa liberalisation dialogue began between the EU and Georgia, and inGeorgian citizens were allowed to travel visa-free to the EU.

These agreements, specifically the prospect of visa-free travel, gave the EU some leverage over domestic politics in Georgia. In recent years, the US embassy has remained supportive behind the scenes. In addition to political support, both the US and the EU provide financial support for Georgian civil society. Protesters during an anti-Pride march in Tbilisi in July Photo: US Embassy in Tbilisi flickr.

The bill states that Washington will allocate no less than million US dollars in aid to Georgia next year. In order to avoid this potential problem, the Georgian Dream should seek to limit the national oligarchic influence on decision making, as well as legal and regulatory activities.

Furthermore, the document urges the incumbent party to take effective steps towards the consolidation of democratic institutions and defines specific criteria which should be fulfilled by Georgia in order to avoid possible restrictions on financial aid.

The criteria include the effective implementation of electoral reform, respect for the independence of the judiciary system and a variety of policy reforms that ensure accountability and transparency.

At the same time, the document mentions desires for unfettered access to public information, the protection of civil rights and opposition parties, and media independence. Interestingly, the legislation explicitly states that financial aid for programmes aimed at strengthening democracy, the rule of law and the development of media and civil society will remain a separate issue.

The United National Movement, European Georgia and other opposition parties were alarmed by this decision and referred to it as unprecedented.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, however, responded that the government is committed to strengthening democratic institutions and that it is too early to properly discuss the document. However, on July 25th, the US Congress adopted the bill by votes to This agreement also involved issues related to the independence of the judiciary. After various statements made by the EU and US regarding the agreement, the Georgian parliament eventually adopted the new electoral system on June 29th.

Despite this, the government has only taken partial notice of international statements regarding an independent judiciary. American representatives have directly and indirectly requested the Georgian government to pardon Rurua, who was the co-founder of opposition channel Mtavari. Risch also declared that the Georgian president should pardon Rurua. Such statements were not voiced even towards President Eduard Shevardnadze in the s, when the state suffered greatly from a democratic deficit.

Congressmen involved in this bill highlighted the activities of Vladimir Putin and also mentioned Bidzina Ivanishvili, the head of Georgian Dream. The document referred to Ivanishvili as close ally who is working to destabilise the country. Anaklia Development Consortium stakeholders have now started a legal battle against Georgia in the International Arbitration Court. In response to the criticism, Georgian Dream has started to blame the opposition United National Movement and their lobbyists in Washington.

The party pursued more undemocratic policies in June by proposing new legislation regarding changes to electronic communication and broadcasting. The changes allow GNCC — a regulatory authority charged with distributing electronic communication protocols and managing broadcasting frequencies — to appoint a special manager to companies that provide electronic communication services. This would only help to enforce the decisions of the Commission.

The opposition parties did not attend this session. According to the legislation, the Georgian National Communications Commission will now have the authority to appoint special heads in authorised companies, including the media. Opposition parties, civil society organisations and NGOs believe that this legislation is a challenge to freedom of speech and threatens media pluralism in the country.

Simultaneously, telecommunications companies and civil society outfits claim that the amendments will have an immensely negative effect on their future activities, stating that the changes ultimately contradict the constitution.

In it dropped to 5. Our mission is to shape the debate, enhance understanding, and further the dialogue surrounding issues facing the states that were once a part of the Soviet Union or under its influence. But we can only achieve this mission with the support of our donors. If you appreciate our work please consider making a donation.

The Black Sea region is quickly becoming a geopolitical battleground which is gaining the interest of major powers, regional players and smaller countries — and the stakes are only getting higher. This issue takes a special look at the role and responsibility of the public intellectual in Central and Eastern Europe today.

In the eastern parts of the European continent, is remembered not only as the end of the First World War, but also saw the emergence of newly-independent states and the rise of geopolitical struggles which are felt until this day.

It often seems, at least from the outside, that Belarus remains isolated from the West and very static in its transformation.

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Yet, despite its relative isolation, Belarus is indeed changing. The Summer issue of New Eastern Europe tackles the complexity of para-states in the post-Soviet space. Vladimir Putin is set to win a fourth term as president of the Russian Federation. The first issue of looks at the rise of a new generation in the post-Soivet space — one that may be radically different than previous Soviet and immediate post-Soviet generations.

Central Asia is an ethnically, geographically and culturally diverse region, covering a similar land mass as the European Union.Click To View Article. People gathered in Tbilisi to condemn homophobia and defend sexual minority rights. Other Stories. Read more. Classic British suits made in Georgia.

New Georgian Ambassador to Austria Has Taken Up Her Post

Classic suits and outfit are yet again becoming trendy worldwide and Georgia, of course, is not excluded. Georgian national ballet holds online lessons amid lockdown. A library in Lithuanian city of Klaipeda advices readers to watch Georgian movies. Their call was also posted on Facebook page. Georgian Films Being Screened in Strasbourg. Georgian movies are being screened in Strasbourg to mark the chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.

The Art Life of Brother Valetovs. The music video of the Georgian contestant on Eurovision Tornike Kipiani was published yesterday on Youtube.

Georgian Artist's Phenomenal Work. Guram Dolenjashvili is a Georgian artist who has been working overseas for 20 years.

The famous Belgian duet R. O x Konoba releases a music video shot in Georgia. Celebrate this wonderful day with you beloved children at Courtyard by Marriott Tbilisi Hotel!

Recently Euronews has published an article about the new Museum of Holograms, called Holoseum, in Tbilisi. Georgian wine producers participated in the international wine and spirits exhibition held in Paris, France.

The English language monthly magazine Apollo covering visual arts of all periods from antiquity to present day publishes an article about the State Silk Museum in Tbilisi. Metal Magazine publishes an article about a shopping hotspot Darial created by a Georgian fashion designer Djaba Diassamidze, who has also established his own atelier there.

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Georgian Actress taking part in New York play festival. Tbilisi takes third place in the best destinations of Europe Tbilisi, the capital city of Georga took third place in the international competition "The Best Destinations of Europe Story of Winery that received first Bio Certificate in Georgia.

New virus is to strengthen our faith, says Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia. Some have called it the "deadly virus. Top 5 must-listen Georgian folk songs.

The folk music of Georgia consists of at least fifteen regional styles. Georgian folk music is predominantly vocal and is widely known for its rich traditions of vocal polyphony. All Stories. Foreign Ministry categorically denies reports that military shipments to Azerbaijan and Armenia are carried out via Georgia. All News.

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All Photos.Now those plans could lie in ruins as the port has been cut off by advancing Russian troops. The 51, inhabitants of Poti will not remember the port's th anniversary with any affection.

Russia's over-running of Senaki, a town 25 miles inland from Poti, has effectively shut down the country's biggest commercial port. The move will, officials say, starve the country of more than half of its imports of key products like wheat, grain, tinned food and cars. Giorgi Badrdidze, the acting head of mission at the Georgian Embassy in London, said: "Poti is a vital lifeline for Georgia and Tbilisi because it offers a direct connection to western countries.

It imports a huge part of the Caucuses' agricultural products. Independent experts said that the blockade of Poti would be felt across the regions as products shipped through the Black Sea port feed neighbouring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan. John Roberts, from energy consultants Platts who has written a report on the port Poti, said: "Poti is very important as a commerical port, with an important ferry service to Romania.

It is Georgia's window on the world. Mr Roberts said the cutting off of Poti would particularly hit the oil industry in neighbouring Azerbaijan, which relies heavily on drilling equipment shipped through the port.


He said: "Poti is one of Azerbaijan's lungs. Much of the freight which would have come through the port will have to be diverted through Georgia's other main port to the south, Batumi, or come via road or rail through Armenia. Mr Roberts said that while Georgia was more self-sufficient than its neighbours for basic food stuffs "all the luxuries will go in short supply". Energy shares were yesterday buoyed by worries over oil supplies, with gas producer Gazprom surging 6pc and oil producer Lukoil rising 4pc.Prior to this appointment she served as the Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality of Georgiaand as first deputy minister of the same institution before that.

It has not yet been revealed who shall succeed her as State Minister. Ketevan Tsikhelashvili has been lecturing at Ilia State University since and is the author of numerous scientific papers.

During the meeting, Ambassador Tsikhelashvili handed over a copy of her credentials to the Secretary General in accordance with the Protocol. The Secretary General Launsky-Tieffenthal again expressed his support for Georgia and wished the newly appointed Ambassador every success in her new post. Free Membership.

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Business: Economy. Economic Policies. Investing in Austria. Foreign Trade. Legal Issues. Politics: Domestic. Health Care. Organizations: Diplomatic Missions. International Organizations. People: Executives. Personal Real Estate. Luxury Goods. Photo Galleries. South Africa. Hong Kong SAR.

Western pressure intensifies towards the Georgian Dream. Is Georgian democracy backsliding?

New Zealand. South Korea. Czech Rep. North Macedonia. Western Balkans. Middle East. Palestinian Territories. Saudi Arabia. United Arab Emirates. The Americas. Central America. The Caribbean. Western Europe. The Netherlands. United Kingdom. Vatican City. Professional Services.

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Financial Services. Real Estate.Queen Elizabeth II. Award ceremony was attended today by H. Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia. MBE has been handed over to Ms. Katsarava by H. According to him, Sophie has been awarded the MBE on merit, for her exceptional achievements during her 11 year-long service at the British Embassy, for her efforts leading to the advancement of relations between Georgia and UK in the education sector.

Prime Minister of Georgia addressed the audience and congratulated the rewarded new member of the Georgian Dream with the high recognition and expressed his gratitude to the British Ambassador for the acknowledgement of her merits. She made these achievement during her 11 years of service at the British Embassy. I am grateful to all the British Ambassadors serving in Georgia at different occasions, who appreciated Sophie's work and my special thanks go to H. Also, let me thank you, Your Excellency, for hosting this fabulous event today.

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I am delighted that Sophie has joined our team. Every member of the Georgian Dream is confident that her service at the Parliament of Georgia will be equally remarkable. I can say that Sophie has already made her presence felt through the value added on plenty of promising developments within the party" noted the Prime Minister of Georgia. Wiping Out Economic Benefits for Georgia.

Mediation is a step forward towards better system of justice

For a government to actually oppose an infrastructure project that it had itself approved is highly unusual in the global economy. The conduct of the Government is scaring away investors at a time when Georgia cannot afford to lose any more foreign investment.

As Retired U. Taken together, these are only a selection of the instances where the Government of Georgia actively undermined the project in an effort to prevent ADC from developing the project. ADC intends to present evidence during the upcoming arbitration proceedings to demonstrate the degree to which the Government took such steps.

This date has a special significance this year. Our countries celebrate a centenary jubilee from the creation of the first democratic republic. It is symbolic that we have gathered today within the historic walls that served as a venue for our nations to choose their path of progress and prosperity a hundred years ago. Exactly one century ago, on May 28th National Council of Azerbaijan announced the independence of the First Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan right in this building.

Head of Government noted that it is unfortunate that in the beginning of 20th century independence of Georgia and Azerbaijan turned out to be short-lived, though these spells of liberty left an irremovable trace in the history of statehood of both countries.

Ogtay Asadov, Speaker of the Parliament of Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, our independence turned out to be short-lived.


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